Buying Process

On receipt of your enquiry we will check back with the owners to re-confirm availability of the property and revert to you with more details of the plot.

Once you are intersted, you decide whether you/your representative wants to make a site visit/meet the owner. Please call us or by using our form fix an appointment with us.

Wayanad Links makes all the arrangements for this including vehicle . (If you are not visiting personally but sending a representative, you need to give us a letter of authorisation for your representative)

We will show some plots coming under your choice. After seeing the plots we will sit together and collect your ideas and finally we will go for the interested plots. We will call the owner to our office and bargain for the plot with different options of payment. Once you decide to purchase the property a Booking/ Token Amount is to be paid by you to the Seller to confirm your intent to buy the property.

Token will be starting from Rs. 1001 – Rs. 5001 depends upon the total cost of land and collect all papers of land. We will provide this to our advocates for verification.

Once the Lawyer completes the scrutiny, any more paper needed all will be collected by Wayanad Links (usually a period of 5-15 days) and gives his approval, once we receive the clearance certificate we will make a sale agreement.

The next step is to sign the “Agreement of Sale” . At time of signing the “Agreement of Sale” most sellers requires 10% – 25% of the total amount depends upon client to client.

By making the sale agreement as per the terms we have to pay the balance. Before making the registration we have to measure the plot. We will fix an appointment with village officer and staffs and inform the owner, nearby plot owners and measure the plot and lay down stones on the  boundaries. The buyer has to pay the fees for measurement and staffs. 2-3 days later we will get the sketch of the plot, by paying some fees we will get sealed sketch.

its better to register the plot before 1 week, before the final day mentioned in sale agreement date, to get ride of any last moment complications.

Pls check the papers correctly on the registration date :

Stamp Duty & Registration charges for property in wayanad is currently a total of 9%, and document writer fees depends upon writers and there is a common slab for them. There will be a fair value for each survey number that we will get from either village offices or from document writers or from site

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